Dial-up Networking for XP (Category View)

Hi! We're going to repeat a few of the instructions on this page that you may have already gone through on the previous page. They should be familiar, we're just repeating them here for those of you who may need to print these instructions out. This page contains instructions for configuring Dial-Up Networking for XP with a Category View Control Panel. Please follow the steps as listed below.

  1. First, Click on your Start button. This should bring up a screen that looks similar to the screenshot below, although there will be some variation in icons:

  2. Now, look for the words Control Panel on your Start Menu. This will bring up a Control Panel that should match the one shown below:

    When you've reached this screen, search for the icon identified as Network and Internet Connections. Click on Network and Internet Connections.

  3. You should now see the screen shown below. Click on the words Set up or Change your Internet Connection.

  4. You should now be at the Internet Properties Screen. If you are not already at the tab that says Connections, please click on it. On this page, towards the top, you should see a button that says Setup. Please click on this button now. It will take you to the Internet Connection Wizard.

  5. You should now be at a screen identified as New Connection Wizard. Please make sure there is a dot next to the option for Set up my connection manually as show below. You may then click on the Next button.

  6. Make sure there is a dot next to the choice Connect using a dial-up modem then click the next button at the bottom.

  7. Type the name for the ISP you are dialling up to -- in this case, Channel 1. Click the Next button at the bottom.

  8. Fill in your Channel 1 dial-up phone number. If you do not know what number to fill in for your city, click here to find out what to fill in. Be sure to include the area code. Now click the next button at the bottom.

  9. Unless you wish to restrict access to dial-up, click as shown below, and click the next button.

  10. Now fill in your name and password as shown below. You'll notice a number of options below that -- we have them all filled in. Your situation may vary.

  11. Final Wizard Screen -- you're now at the final screen of the wizard. We suggest you place a check mark next to Add a shortcut to this connection to my desktop so that you can always find your Channel 1 dial-up connection quickly. Then click the FINISH button.

  12. This is what the shortcut should look like when it appears on your desktop!:

  13. Now you should be able to click on your shortcut to Channel 1, and bring up the following screen:

    Make sure all of the information is filled in correctly. Then, note the four buttons at the bottom: Dial, Cancel, Properties and Help. We need you to check a few more settings, so go ahead and click on the button that says PROPERTIES.

  14. This will bring up the following screen. Take a look -- your screen should look similar to this one.

  15. Now click on the tab which says Networking. The screen should look like this:

  16. Now, highlight the option Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) by clicking on it once. It will turn blue, as shown above. Now click on the button that says Properties. That will take you to the following screen:

    Make sure that your screen matches the settings above.
    Obtain an IP address automatically should have a dot next to it.
    Use the Following DNS Servers should have a dot next to it.
    Preferred DNS Server:
    Alternate DNS Server:

  17. If you click on the Advanced button, the DNS screen should be filled out as follows.

    You do not need to fill out the WINS screen, just click OK at the bottom.

  18. Now click okay again, until you are back at the Connection Screen.

    If everything looks correct, then it's time to go ahead and click on the CONNECT button, and get connected to Channel 1! Once you're connected, you should be able to open other programs, like Internet Explorer, and browse the web.
If you get stuck, or need assistance, call us at: 617.864.0100, or write to us at support@channel1.com.

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