Windows XP Dial-Up Networking

The following pages contain information on how to configure Dial-Up Networking in Windows XP to allow you to connect to your Channel 1 Account. While Windows 95, 98 and ME are all fairly similar, XP is a radical departure. You'll find the layout to be very different.

Please follow these steps carefully. We've split this section into several pages because each page contains a number of screen-shots to help walk you through the process. Give the pages time to load if you are on a slow connection.

  1. First of all, locate your Start Button. This will be on the taskbar on the bottom of your computer screen. Click on it. If you look at our screen shot below, you'll see something similar. You may have more icons less, or present, but the layout should be basically the same.

    Take a look.

  2. Now, on the above menu that pops up when you click on "Start," locate the words Control Panel. This should be on the right hand side, in the blue shaded area. Found it? Good. Go ahead and click on it. Now, clicking on Control Panel will bring up one of two possible screens. Either it will bring up a CLASSIC VIEW Control Panel, or it will bring up a CATEGORY VIEW Control Panel. Which one appears depends on how your computer is configured. For our purposes, we have split out our instructions at this point. Look at the screen shots below. If you have Classic View please click on that picture for instructions on how to setup dial-up networking. If you have Category View, please choose that picture instead.

    CLASSIC VIEW: Does your Control Panel match this image? If so, please click on it to continue. If not, continue to the next screenshot.

    CATEGORY VIEW: If your control Panel matches Category View, please click this image.

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