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Channel 1 Internet Services System and Use Policy

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System abuse is strictly prohibited. Channel1 may terminate service immediately and may bill for any resulting charges if the client engages in system abuse. Following is a list of actions which are defined to be system abuse, as well as fines which may be incurred. This list is non-exclusive; any action about which there is any doubt should be referred to Channel1 for evaluation. Actions which constitute system abuse include, but are not limited to the following areas.
  • Resale of the Company's products and services, unless specifically permitted and documented in a separate written agreement or the initial Customer contract.
  • Using the facilities and capabilities of the Company or its services to conduct any illegal activity or other activity that infringes that infringes the rights of others.
  • Violations of intellectual property -- as legally protected by copyrights and licenses. This includes, but is not limited to, the installation or distribution of illegal, pirated, or other software products that are not appropriately licensed by Customer.

    Usenet Newsgroups
  • Posting inappropriate messages to USENET newsgroups e.g., posting large numbers of unsolicited posts indiscriminately ("spamming"). Crossposting the same message to over 6 newsgroups will be considered spamming.
  • Commercial postings to non-commercial groups where such postings are off-charter and unwelcome.
  • Posting encoded binary files to USENET newsgroups not specifically named for that purpose;
  • Forging email or USENET posting header information;
  • attempting to cancel, supersede, or otherwise interfere with email or USENET posts other than one's own;
  • Posting chain letters of any type.
  • Solicitations of mail for any other e-mail address other than that of the poster's account or service, with intent to harass or collect replies.
  • Violation of Channel 1's Usenet policy will result in a fine of $500.

    Mail (SPAM)
  • Sending large numbers of unsolicited mail messages (i.e. "junk mail") or other advertising material to individuals who did not specifically request such materials. (e.g. spamming).
  • Harassment, whether through language, frequency, or size of messages.
  • Forging of mail header information.
  • Forwarding or posting "chain letters" (multiple forwarding) of any type; or any "pyramid scheme" of any type.
  • Violation of Channel 1's Spam policy will result in a fine of $500.

    IRC (Internet Relay Chat)
  • Running or attempting to run any IRC bot.
  • Use of IRC scripts or programs that will interfere with or deny service to other users on any server or host.
  • Violation of Channel 1's IRC policy may result in in a fine of $200.

    System and Network Security
  • Introduction of malicious programs into the network or server (e.g. viruses, worms, Trojan horses, etc.)
  • Attempted or successful security breaches or disruption of Internet communication. Security breaches include, but are not limited to, accessing date of which Customer is not an intended recipient or logging into a server or account Customer is not expressly authorized to access.
  • Attempting to circumvent user authentication or security of any host, network, or account on Channel1 systems or the Internet at large ("cracking");
  • Customer may not execute any form of network monitoring (eg. packet sniffer) which will intercept data not intended for the Customer.
  • Attempting, in any way, to interfere with or deny service to any user or any host on the Internet; (e.g. Denial of Service Attacks).
  • Violations of Channel 1's Network Security Policy -- Attacks on the sytem of ANY KIND will result in a fine of $5,000.

All users are welcome to contact Channel 1 with any support questions or email support questions to support@user1.channel1.com.


Channel 1 strives for the highest quality service, and with that, the largest amount of uptime possible. Scheduled shutdowns will be displayed upon login, and when possible, via email, at least twenty four (24) hours in advance of the shutdown. Unscheduled shutdowns (hardware failure, system crashes, etc.) will be dealt with as quickly as possible to restore service.

Users must take responsibility for maintaining backups of all data/files/html posted on their sites. Although Channel 1 does run frequent backups, Channel 1 cannot be held liable for loss of customer's data. And in the cases of past due accounts, Channel 1 will not retain it.

Due to the nature of computer systems, and the Internet as a whole, Channel 1 can not be held responsible for loss of work, mail, data, or services due to system, disk, or network crashes, either at Channel 1, or on the Internet. Should any software you download via Channel 1 service prove defective, you assume all risks.

Due to the nature of the Internet, Channel 1 can not guarantee that any internet service not managed by Channel 1 will be available, or reachable from Channel 1, even if it is reachable from other service providers.

Channel 1 is not to be held responsible for views expressed by users of our systems. Such views are those of the system users and not necessarily those of the system operators.

The system managers may, at their discretion, delete any message, or restore messages that a user has deleted.

Denial of service: Channel 1 reserves the right to deny any user service or terminate any user for any reason at any time.

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