Channel 1 Software Configuration Information (Network Gateway, IP Numbers, Host Names)

* Domain Name:
* Gateway Address:
* POP Server:
* SMTP Server:
* News Server:,,
* Telnet Host:
* FTP Server:
* WWW Server:
* Domain Name (DNS) servers: and
* Email Address:

For individuals without a Domain Name, the E-mail address will be Where username is your user/login name at Channel 1.

If you have an InterNIC Domain Name ( registered with Channel 1 for DNS the E-mail address will be

*Web Address(URL):

For general users, the URL of your page is:

For businesses with a website value account (no virtual server), the URL of your page is:
(where yourbusinessname is the alias you chose for your alias URL by sending e-mail to

For businesses with a virtual server, the URL of your page is:
(where is your registered Domain Name.)

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