Installing Dial-Up Networking

It's fairly unusual for Windows ME not to have Dial-up Networking already installed. Let's say you're not sure if it's installed or not. Follow these steps:

Checking for Dial-up Networking

  1. First, Double click on the My Computer icon, located in the upper left hand corner of your monitor.

  2. In My Computer, see if you can locate a folder called Dial-up Networking.

    Is it there? Yes? Then you've answered the question. Dial-up Networking IS installed on your computer, and you should skip the rest of this page, and continue on to STEP 2: Creating a Dial-Up Icon

    Let's say you didn't find Dial-up Networking in the Control Panel. There are other places to check.
    Click On Start on your Task Bar.
    Now click on Programs
    Now click on Accessories
    Now click on Communications
    Is Dial-Up networking an option under Communications? If yes, you're ready to move on.
    If Not, back up a step. Is Dial-up Networking an option under accessories?

    Now let's assume you've looked everywhere you can think of, and can't find any indication that Dial-Up Networking is installed on your computer. It's strange, but it happens. Let's face it, you're going to have to install it yourself.

Installing Dial-Up Networking

  1. First, before you do anything else, Track down your Windows ME CD-ROM. I would suggest you not try any of this procedure unless you have the cd. You're undertaking this procedure at your own risk, and you want to make sure you can reinstall anything you remove.

    Have you got the disk? Okay, let's continue.

  2. Start by double clicking on the My Computer icon in the upper left hand corner of your screen.

  3. Next, double click on the Control Panel icon.

  4. Now, double click on the "Add/Remove Programs icon.

  5. In the Add/Remove Programs window, select the Communications icon by double clicking on it.

  6. Now you should be in the communications window. If Dial-up Networking really is not installed, there should be no check mark next to it. Place a check mark next to dial-up networking, and then click the OK button.

    If there was a check mark next to dial-up networking, maybe you should consider searching through your computer again. Odds are its already installed.

  7. At this point, the computer should try to install Dial-Up networking. It may ask you for the cd-rom to copy files from. Give it what it wants! If it asks you whether or not to wipe out an existing file with an older version of that same file, ALWAYS KEEP THE NEWER VERSION. Don't throw out the newer file!
    The computer may want to restart after installing Dial-up networking. Go ahead and restart.

    When the Computer Restarts, you will be ready to move on to the Next Step, Creating a Dial-Up Icon.

Configuring Windows ME Dialup Networking
Creating a Dial-Up Icon - NEXT STEP!
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