Configure the Network Control Panel

This page will assist you in creating configuring the Network Icon in the Control Panel
When you have completed these steps, please return to the Dial-Up Networking Configuration Instructions, or continue on to the next step, Getting Connected.

Configuring Windows ME Dialup Networking
Getting Connected - NEXT STEP!
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Configuring the Network Control Panel

  1. Double click on the My Computer icon, located in the upper left hand corner of your monitor.

    (Yes, this step may look familiar, but you're in the right place!)

  2. In My Computer, locate the Control Panel folder. Double click on the Control Panel icon.

  3. In Control Panel, locate the Network icon, and double click on it.

  4. This will open a Network box that lists a variety of Components. The components on your computer may be different from what is listed here, depending on what software you have installed on your computer. However, you want to make sure you have the following necessary three components.

    1. Client for Microsoft Networks
    2. Dial-up Adapter
    3. TCP/IP
    The second and third may appear as: TCP/IP-Dialup Adapter.

  5. What should you do if you're missing a necessary component?
    Client for Microsoft Networking:
    Single Click the Add button.
    Double click on Client.
    Single click on Microsoft.
    Double Click on Client for Microsoft Networks.
    It should add itself to the list.
    TCP/IP - Dialup Adapter
    Single Click the Add button
    Double Click the Protocol Icon
    Single Click the Microsoft Icon
    Find and double click on TCP/IP.
    It should add itself to the list.

  6. When you have all the necessary components, highlight TCP/IP by clicking on it once. Then click on the Properties button.

  7. On Windows ME, this will probably result in a message window popping up. Just click the OK button in order to continue.

  8. You will now find yourself in the TCP/IP Properties Window.
    There will be a number of tabs along the top. The first will be IP Address. Make sure there is a dot next to Obtain an IP address automatically.

  9. Next, click on the Wins Configuration tab.
    Make sure there is a dot next to Disable Wins Resolution

  10. Now click on the Gateway tab. If there is nothing filled in, put the following numbers in the spaces next to the Add button:
    and then click Add The numbers should appear in the box below, as shown in the following screen capture:

  11. Click on the DNS Configuration Tab
    There is a lot of fill in on this screen.
    There should be a dot next to Enable DNS
    . Your host name should be filled in with your Channel 1 username, in all lower case letters.
    The domain name should be filled in with: Use the DNS Server Search Order Add button to make sure all three sets of numbers appear in the correct order:
    If you make a mistake, highlight the number and click Remove to remove it from the list.
    Domain Suffix Search order should be filled it with:

  12. When you have completed all of the above information, click the OK button at the bottom of the screen.

  13. At the bottom of the next screen, click OK again.

  14. The computer will think for a moment.
    If you added any components, you may see it "building drivers" or "copying files."
    If it tells you that a file being copied is older than a file already in place, be sure to KEEP the newer version of the file.
    The computer will then tell you to restart the computer in order for the settings to take effect. Click the Yes button.

  15. When the Computer Restarts, you will be ready to move on to the Next Step, Getting Connected.

Configuring Windows ME Dialup Networking
Getting Connected - NEXT STEP!
Channel 1 Main Support Page

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