Connecting to Channel 1 with a Mac System 8.0 to 9.1

Macs running Operating System 8 or higher have internet software built into the system. If your Mac is running System 8 or higher, you can configure it for a Channel 1 internet connection very easily.

Check your control panels to see which version of the TCP and PPP system files that are installed on your Mac. System 8 and above come with TCP/IP and PPP. In system 8.5, PPP is called "Remote Access". In any case, you will need two control panels, one which manages your TCP settings, and one (PPP) which manages dialing and authentication. If you don't have any TCP or PPP control panels, check your system software.

If this is the first time you're configuring your Mac for an internet connection, you will probably be walked through a setup wizard. You will be asked for the following information (not necessarily in this order):
If this is not the first time your Mac has been connected to the internet, you can simply change the settings in your control panels as follows.

1. Open the tcp/ip control panel by clicking on the apple, then > control panels> tcp/ip

2.Set up tcp/ip like this:

3. Then open remote access by clicking on the apple, then > control panels> remote access:

4. Once you are in remote access you can set other stuff, like having an application dial in:

5. Or the age old, why does my remote access disconnect itself:

If you have an Older Mac than system 8.0, you might want to look at our Older Macintosh Information.
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