Auto Disconnect if Idle

This page contains information on how to configure your computer to disconnect automatically if system has been idle too long.  *NOTE: NOT ALL SYSTEMS WILL HAVE THIS OPTION*  Below are screen shots on how to configure.

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1)  Web Watch
2)   Connection Manager 

First double click on your MY COMPUTER icon located on your desktop.  Next, double click on Dial-Up networking and you will get the following screen:
Right Click on the Channel 1 icon that you made and click on properties.


Next You will see the screen shot below.  You than want to click on Configure.


You will get the following screen below.  You Next want to click on Connection.

At this point you want to make sure there is a check mark in "Disconnect a call if idle for more than  __  mins.  (you can put however many minutes you would like in here).  The amount of minutes that is displayed will be the time you can be idle for before the computer disconnects you.


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