How to Change Your Password at Channel 1

At Channel 1 you have direct, private control over your password.
You may log in directly to your home directory via a telnet client and use the
Unix command "passwd" to change your password.

If you're on a PC running Windows95 or 98, you can access telnet by going to the Start Menu, selecting "Run," and typing "telnet" in the white space. If you're on a Mac or a PC with no telnet application, there are Telnet Programs available here.

Connect to
Enter your username and password when prompted.
Type passwd on the command line.
Set your new password and confirm.
When finished, you might want to check it by opening a second connection to
Type exit on the command line to close your session.

For secure connections, you might want to use an ssh program (secure shell login) such as ssh by DataFellows or SecureCRT.

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