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Domain Name Service:
$25 setup, $10/month
Receive your email at yourname@yourdomainname.com. No website hosting included in this service.
Basic Webhosting: 
$50 setup, $19/month

Basic Webhosting is our flat-rate, no frills* service. It includes:
  • 10MB Webspace
  • 1 Gigabyte Data-Access
  • 1 pop mailbox
  • Unlimited FTP for Website maintainance
  • Infinite Aliasing upon request

*No additions can be made to this service, no quantity discounts.

Full Webhosting:
$50 setup, $34/month
Our Full Webhosting Option comes with a full complement of features, and allows you to add on additional services as you require them. Full Webhosting includes:

  • 20MB of Webspace
  • 1 Gigabyte of Data-Access/month
  • 4 pop mailboxes
  • 6 Specific Aliases
  • Infinite aliasing upon request
  • An Account on the CGI server for scripting purposes
  • A Set of Usage Statistic pages
  • Frontpage extensions for Unix upon request.

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Inquiries may be directed to sales@channel1.com

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