Channel 1 Account
Add-ons & Enhancements

Our basic accounts have more features than most national or regional ISP's. Our range of add-ons and enhancements allow for the growth and development of your Internet needs.

E-Mail Pop Boxes $5.00/month each
Quantity discounts available
Additional domain E-Mail Aliases First Four: $2.50/month each
Five and Above: $2.00/month each
Generic Mail Mapping aka
Infinite Aliasing
any and all other "undefined" can be forwarded to a single default POP - Free for All Virtual Server Customers. If you are an existing Channel 1 Virtual Server customer, you may request this service. Also available for DNS customers, built into DNS setup cost.
Extra Diskspace
(Website Space)
available in 10MB increments, $5/month per additinal 10MB
Extra Data-Access
(traffic through website)
  • On All-Purpose (PPP or ISDN) Accounts, from 200MB to 500MB, add $15/month
  • On All-Purpose (PPP or ISDN) Accounts, from 200MB to 1GB, add $25/month
  • On Business Value Accounts, from 500MB to 1GB, add $15/month
  • On Virtual Server Accounts, from 500MB to 1GB, add $15/month
  • Additional Data-Access (above 1GB) add $25/1GB/month

    Domain Name Services (DNS)
    (for e-mail addressing as
  • On All-Purpose or Business Value Account: $25 setup, $10.00/month
  • On Virtual Server Acount: Included Free
  • Includes Infinite Aliasing: goes to your email box.
  • Secure Server AccessEncrypted SSL Server for Secure Transactions - $15 a month.
    FrontPage Server ExtensionsNOW AVAILABLE
  • For Virtual Server NT/Active Server Pages: $10/month
  • For Virtual Server Unix Customers: $25 setup fee, no monthly charge
  • For All Other Accounts: $25/setup, $5/month.
  • Static IP Addresses$25 setup, $5/month
    IP Addresses/Routing
  • On Frame Relay or Dedicated ISDN: Two Included Free
  • On Collocation or Dialup ISDN: One Included Free
  • Other Dialup (PPP, e.g.): Not Currently Available
  • IP Address Subnets: Channel 1 Dedicated Services Customers may lease IP subnets from Channel 1 in conjunction with their active accounts on our network. Rates are:
    • 1 IP Subnet at $5/month
    • 2 IP Subnet at $10/month
    • 6 IP Subnet at $15/month
    • 14 IP Subnet at $25/month
    • 30 IP Subnet at $50/month
    • 62 IP Subnet at $75/month
    • 254 IP Subnet at $125/month
    • $50 setup on all of the above
  • FTP Secure Access Sites please contact
    Virtual FTP Servers
    (req. domain name)
    Anonymous Login Only: $25 setup, $20/month, 25MB
    Anonymous Login AND Secure Login: $50 setup, $35/month, 25MB
    LAN Email Spooling On-demand (ETRN) domain mail dequeuing: $25 setup, $25/month
    CGI-Bin Developer's Box Access On All-Purpose or Business Value Accounts: $7.50/month
  • Send E-Mail Request to

    Site Design and Development Services Complete Website Design, $75.00/hour. (One Free Hour of Consultation) Visit our Website Demos for past work and Virtual Server Hosting for hosting prices.
    Inquiries may be directed to
    Website Installation from Disk Installation of HTML docs and related files (.gif, .jpg, e.g.), $50.00 (per PC diskette)

  • Username Change, $10/fee
  • Returned Check Charge, $15/fee
  • Extra Business Alias URL (w/extra Home Page hit counter), $25 setup, $10/month
  • Re-enable Account, $10/fee

  • Please direct new inquiries to:
    If you already have an account and would like to request any of the above, you can either print out a copy of the Customer Agreement form and fax it to us or contact:

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