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Channel 1 Communications is a multi-faceted Online, Internet Access and WWW Content and Services Provider. Channel 1 brings together access to core content and high-quality, low-cost personal and business web services.

Channel 1 Communications has built upon ten years of experience as an electronic Bulletin Board Service (BBS) and Internet Service Provider (ISP), with a commitment to providing user access to a potentially limitless resource of information, to become one of the most comprehensive and competitive World Wide Web services provider in the world.
If you live or work in Massachusetts,
(or even if you don't!)
consider what Channel 1 can do for you.
  • If you want a World Wide Web presence for your business:
    Why not do business with an established colleague (17 years in business) and experience the benefits of an experienced, value-oriented provider with a depth and breadth of services. Put your presence on a truly high-traffic website and gain the advantage of prime Internet real estate.
  • If you require high-speed data-access or dedicated line service:
    Did you know that Frame Relay, and Collocation Services are available and fully supported by Channel 1? See our Dedicated Internet Business Solutions
  • Content Services:
    More than a pipeline to the Internet, Channel 1 offers a range of content services generally unmatched by any ISP. Channel 1 has been building and servicing online communities for over 17 years.
  • Chat, forums, BBS, files, Online Shopping. information...:
    Have you visited The ChatHouse, Our Online Mall, Filelibrary and our other features?
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